13 September 2018
Updated 18 November 2022


Norway's seat on the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

By Marianne Haslev Skånland

Each member country of the Council of Europe has a position as judge on the European Court of Human Rights. Norway's seat is at present vacant, after the resignation of Erik Møse.

When there is a vacancy, the country concerned nominates three candidates. The Council of Europe then decides.

An orientatation from the Council, with a presentation of the present candidates for Norway and their qualifications:
Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights
List and curricula vitae of candidates submitted by the Government of Norway
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, 10 July 2018

The candidates are listed at the end of the orientation. The qualifications of each are accessed by clicking the + to the right of the names.

The candidates are:
Jørgen Aall
Elizabeth Baumann
Arnfinn Bårdsen


For us who are concerned about Strasbourg judgments to do with child protection cases, including forced adoption cases, it is of great importance what the candidates nominated by Norway have done in this field in their careers up to now.

Regarding Arnfinn Bårdsen's previous work and experience, we find among other things:
•  2004–2005 –
Leader of the Commission on Social Welfare Boards, appointed by the Government to draft the new act on the procedure in public childcare cases (NOU 2005: 9)
•  2015–2018 –
Annual lectures at the Norwegian Bar Association's Human Rights Conference; in 2015 on the rights of the child; in 2016 on psychiatry and human rights; in 2017 on secret surveillance and human rights; in 2018 on forced or compulsory labor
The best interest of the Child as a Convention Right and as a Constitutional Norm. In the book "Legal clarification and legal development – a tribute to Chief Justice Tore Schei", Universitetsforlaget 2016 (edited by Matningsdal, Skoghøy and Øie), pages 243–268 (in Norwegian).

Without having read/listened to what is referred to here, it nevertheless seems probable to me that Mr Bårdsen has been deeply involved in the working out of the policies, and spreading of the ideologies, which have led Norway to where it is today, with few rights and considerations for the bonds of family love.
    Arnfinn Bårdsen as a judge on the European Court of Human Rights would likely be a tragedy for families in Norway.


NOU 2005: 9
Ressursbruk og rettssikkerhet i fylkesnemndene for sosiale saker
Regjeringen, 31 mai 2005

Norway's next judge in the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg must fulfil the highest ethical standards, and be undefiled
Christian Coalition World, 11 July 2018
"The time for the Christian movement in Norway to wag our tail to achieve image-building advantages, is definitely over. We have a responsibility for justice in our nation, and even in Europe."