1 June 2016

Marianne Haslev Skånland:

The newspaper Vårt Land again – hellbent on believing, and on harming the already ill-treated

The Christian, but extremely state-subservient newspaper Vårt Land continues its crusade against people who protest against Barnevernet’s abuse. Here is chief of the news desk Trygve W. Jordheim, who thinks it is a conspiracy, thinks the fact that people demonstrate is freedom of speech which does harm, and misleads foreigners into misunderstanding and fearing the Norwegian state and not seek the help which exists here in the “help services”.

Den skadelige barnevernskonspirasjonen (The harmful Barnevern conspiracy)
Demonstrantene tror de hjelper innvandrerbarn ved å advare mot barnevernet. De kunne ikke tatt mer feil.
(The demonstrators believe they are helping immigrant children by warning against Barnevernet. They could not be more wrong.)
Vårt Land, 31 May 2016

Jordheim speaks about the "frustration" that he could see on many faces at the 28 May demonstration. With contempt. Frustration? People who have been deprived of their loved children?

Mr Jordheim does not want the Norwegian "conspirators" to mislead these poor foreigners.
    He comes up with "ideals": that Barnevernet is there to help children who need it, not to destroy immigrant families, he says. Heard it before?
    He seems utterly locked into not finding out anything about whether the ideal is being practiced.