10 November 2018

The CPS Barnevernet is now to exercise 'professional love'

Marianne Haslev Skånland and
familien-er-samlet (the-family-is-together)

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These two comments to a newspaper article were originally published in Norwegian, as postings
in a thread on Forum Redd Våre Barn ('Rescue Our Children'), together with a third comment, from the writer agrippa, which throws additional light on the same topic.
The translations are mine.
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A job advertisement from the Norwegian child protection service Barnevernet, in the newspaper Glåmdalen (based in Kongsvinger), says:

Barnevernet søker kjærlighetskonsulent
(Barnevernet is looking for a love consultant)
ÅSNES: En ungdom som selv kjenner barnevernet skal rekrutteres til jobben som kjærlighetskonsulent i Solør barnevernstjeneste. Barnevernsleder Jørn Andre Stenseth vil opprette en familieenhet og sikre kompetanse i eget hus med to nye stillinger.
(ÅSNES: A young person who knows Barnevernet by his/her own experience is to be recruited to the job as love consultant in Solør Barnevern Service. Barnevern leader Jørn Andre Stenseth will establish a family unit and secure professional competence in a separate house, two new positions being included.)
Glåmdalen, 8 November 2018

Marianne Haslev Skånland:

It has really been formally established, this madness, which the CPS-praising youths in Forandringsfabrikken ('the factory of change') believe is a real tidbit: Barnevernet's people are to be the experts on love.

It sounds almost grotesque: First of all Barnevernet follows the program of destroying the love centre which nature provides – the family – and at the same time they take away the freedom of children to seek refuge there. Then they are to 'show the children love', and society is going to finance a special house for it, with two 'experts'.

I stand corrected. I am having to take back what I have previously said about Barnevernet lacking the word 'love'. I have been wrong. They have on the contrary annexed it, but have given it their own interpretation, their own conceptual content, which is physically painful to be up against.

The article is behind a pay wall, but the few visible lines seem to give a clear enough indication of the situation and the philosophy.


familien-er-samlet (the-family-is-together):

It feels slightly liberating to see Barnevernet looking for such a "love consultant".

Because it at least makes clear in which direction Barnevernet is going to improve the – to put it mildly – tragic conditions that rule within the system.
    It shows Barnevernet to be on the road to absurdity.

In the postings above, this relatively new notion is described as "grotesque", "warped", "perverse" and "madness".
    The adjectives are none too strong.

It is evident that important changes capable of creating a better child protection system cannot come from Barnevernet itself. They have run wild in their own quasi-discipline, and have to be led by hand by outsiders – out and away.

So far, however, no responsible outsiders take control. We have a government minister who either does not comprehend or who is just without the ambition of sorting things out. The result is that we get this type of wild construction from the system itself. It leads one to laugh and cry at the same time.

Barnevernet is out of control, and ends up with love consultants and other madness.

All of it functions as a meaningless eye-catcher and is symptomatic of a child protection service which has in reality come to the end of the road.


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