17 August 2018

Hege Dahl:

Clammy double standards and a strong tendency to psychological denial

Dagbladet's article on 16 August 2018:

Barns beste – Norge mot verden?
(Best for the child – Norway against the world?)
Carolina Øverlien, associate professor and research leader, Gertrud Sofie Hafstad, psychologist and research scholar, Mia Myhre, pediatrician and research scholar, and Kristin Skjørten, professor,
all employed at Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress (
Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress studies),

is about the BBC documentary "Norway's hidden scandal".

The research leader, psychologist, pediatrician, and professor explain the British interest as being based on cultural differences since Britain has a threshold for child abuse, as opposed to Norway with zero tolerance.

They seem worried about violence that children are exposed to at home, though they do not mention the violence that Norwegian care orders are to the children.

Alright, so professionally correct. So ice-cold and remote from reality. You need reality orientation:

My son who is 10 cancelled the stay overnight that was planned at one of his best friends' place and asked to be picked up at ten o'clock last night. When he came home and wanted to explain he said that he simply missed us, mom, dad and big brother. He wanted to sleep at home.

I took him into my lap and thought, as often before, of all the children who do not get to do the same. 10 years olds, 2 years olds, 12 year olds, who just have to manage by themselves night after night after night.

And then there they sit, the bureaucrats and the researchers, and look down on us critics, activists, agitators, on us who "feel" so much (meaning: pretending that our strong feelings are a symptom that we are out of touch with objective reality). Shame on you.


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