29 July 2018

Barnevernet – the CPS – equals merciless Norwegians

By Arne Jarl Hatlem

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The original of this article appeared in Norwegian, as a comment to another article in the newspaper Haugesunds Avis. The comments section in the newspaper has apparently since been edited and some comments deleted. This particular comment was, however, reprinted here on MHS's webpage as Barnevernet – nådeløse nordmenn with the author's permission.
   The article has likewise been translated and the translation is published here with the author's kind consent.
Translation: Marianne Haslev Skånland.
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– If your child falls seriously ill, then people will think of you and send flowers, your family will visit and will support you. The state supplies doctors and people who really care about the child and are considerate to the parents.

– If your child's illness leads to death, everybody will understand that you grieve, and that you are not yourself and cannot function fully in society.

– If your child dies in a traffic accident, the municipality contributes a trauma team, a religious minister, a range of support and help ...


– If your child is taken on an emergency decision by Barnevernet, without you understanding what is happening, then you are alone, with shame, with feelings, without the right to defend yourself and quickly have the misunderstandings disposed of. You must just wait, wait, wait, and be emotionless in your meetings with the abusers. You must not show anger, despair; if you do, you have lost your child for good ....

You are not told what you can do to get your child back, you must brood, teach yourself the "rules" of this false game. You have to enter into the very low morality of Barnevernet, in order to be able to understand. You are caught in lines of thought which nobody will go into. You are alone, with Hannibal and his friends around you, and have to negotiate with the abusers of your child.

Your child can whisper into your ear at a visitation, whisper that "the foster parents do strange things to me when we sleep in the same bed". But you are not allowed to say anything, because "that will spoil your case".

– You have no place in your child's experiences.
– You are torn apart internally.
– You do not sleep a single night through.
– You wake up, sweating, hot, from a nightmare about a courtcase ...
– You dream about black vultures, resembling lawyers in black gowns ....

And deep in this merciless hell on earth, the abusers who – ruthlessly and perhaps with the help of several police officers, with no ability to understand what they are taking part in – have stolen your own flesh and blood, the dearest you have on earth ...... these people are to assess your love, your concern and consideration, your ability to "mentalise", your care, your attachment to the child.


On occasions of allowed visitation, a stranger sits there, one or two metres away, and assesses everything you do. Everything should be done "right". You are having a two hour examination. And you must not show that you are pulled to pieces inside .... The report they write relates everything they think you did wrong, not everything that was good .....

You are not allowed to say:
– I miss you .....
– We are doing all we can to get you back ....

You are not allowed to just sit there with your child in your arms and hold it close. You are to be observed, in interaction with the child, on the floor, because there is no possibility of sitting at a table at the place where you are to meet ......

Least of all are you allowed to give your dear child any hope ......

In the midst of this nightmare, a thought turns up from school, from what you learned in physics and from the history lessons: "History has a tendency to repeat itself; energy never disappears, it changes form ...."


The books in the series from the 2nd world war in Norway, "Nådeløse Nordmenn" (Merciless Norwegians), with the individual titles
Hirden (The Retinue), Statspolitiet (The State Police), and Gestapo (The Secret Police), tell us of Norwegian individuals who acted ruthlessly against the Norwegian people, torturing innocent human beings unto death, in the worst possible way. Nobody dared oppose them or help those who had been targeted, out of fear of running into problems oneself.

There are signs that this hidden power has not disappeared, but has changed its name to a far more camouflaged and hidden "trademark".

Having studied the CPS "Barnevernet" and some who work there and their way of carrying out their duties, I am sure.

Barnevernet equals Merciless Norwegians

Please share this comment! We must cease waiting for these people to change their minds on their own initiative. They spend the delays to their own advantage, and tend to say that "now the attachment to the new home of the child is so good that even if we made a mistake to start with, it would be so distressing for the child to be torn away from its new dear ones again ..... The child must therefore remain in the foster home."

This madness must come to an end!