February 11, 2012

The Norwegian "child protection service" and the children's uncle
(The India/Stavanger case)

By Marianne Haslev Skånland

More news in
the India/Stavanger case. The children's uncle has arrived in Stavanger, and Norwegian authorities are warning him against making contact with the children's parents - his own brother and sister-in-law. No doubt the Norwegian CPS want to force a conflict in the family and hold the children hostage to make the uncle promise to isolate the children from their parents and not take their part in any way. Does Norwegian CPS want to plant a social worker with the uncle back in India to prolong the terrors there too, as a condition of letting the children go back to India at all? And of course the uncle is being subjected to psychological evaluation – the psycho-babble we know so well, probably?

Stavanger CPS head Gunnar Toresen of course swears that the reasons for taking the children away had nothing to do with sleeping and feeding. An illuminating statement from him: The CPS took the children because they were convinced that the children "needed more" than they were getting.

This is real evidence and should be taken note of: If parents in the eyes of the CPS do not give the children "enough", then the parents are taken away from their children altogether. That is the way they reason. Pull up the roots by brute force, never mind that it is entirely unnecessary, and never mind that the re-planting – forcing "new, well-paid parents" on children in this way – is known through all the research there is to be very unsuccessful and often a devastating tragedy.

A vicious ideology indeed. If something is lacking in the life of a child, a humane welfare state should supplement what is already there with whatever extra is needed, shouldn't it? Not work to break down and destroy the very foundation of the child's life, its love for and bonds to its parents?

Norwegian children custody row: Uncle meets 3-yr-old Abhigyan
Youtube, ndtv February 11, 2012